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FACTS:Laboratories:Mark Bottles Received

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This page is about marking bottles as being received when they arrive at the laboratory.
See also: Instructions to submit data after performing chemical analyses.

Mark Bottles Received when Checked in by Laboratory

Under the FACTS Program, all water samples sent to laboratory are labeled on the bottle with a Bottle Number and Sample ID. Datashed uses these numbers to track water samples through the laboratory analysis process.

  • NOTE: On a given label, the Bottle Number is the Sample ID with a single digit appended to the end; this digit differentiates multiple bottles from the same sampling point on the same date (e.g. fixed/unfixed).

As part of the check-in process when a water sample arrives at the laboratory, the lab should login to Datashed and mark each bottle as having been received (using the Bottle Numbers). Labs are also encouraged to use the given Sample ID to identify the sample throughout analysis and reporting.

Marking Bottles Received in Datashed

  1. Login to Datashed.
  2. In the top menu, click Account.
  3. Click FACTS Program.
    • This displays all open FACTS Session, with a list of which bottles have already been received and what samples need to have result data submitted to Datashed.
  4. Find the correct monitoring session (by system name and date).
  5. Mark the checkbox next to the Bottle Numbers that you have received.
  6. Click the Mark Received button.
Example Bottle Label FACTS Lab Summary for a Session

NOTE: You may also type or scan each Bottle Number into the appropriate field at the top of the page:

Or, you may access more detailed Session information (and mark bottles as received) on Datashed's FACTS Sessions page

Using the Sample ID

Labs are encouraged to use the given Sample ID (instead of, or in addition to date and sampling point information) to identify the sample throughout analysis and reporting. Datashed asks for the Sample ID when submitting analysis results.

The Sample ID can be found on each bottle