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Under the FACTS Program, passive treatment systems are prescribed monitoring plans, which include sampling points, analytes, and "windows" of approved sampling dates.

On the first day of each sampling window for a treatment system, Datashed opens a new FACTS Session and sends a reminder e-mail to members of the appropriate watershed group.

Getting to the Monitoring Sessions page

  1. Login to Datashed.
  2. In the top menu, under Projects, click My Projects.
  3. Find the treatment system you will be sampling and click the Submit Data button.
    • This displays all available monitoring plans (there is probably only one).
  4. Click View Plan next to the plan you want.

The Monitoring Sessions page displays all previous, current, and future sessions. Each is disabled until the session's start date. You may click on on Detailed View for more details about a session.

On the day you go sampling

When you go sampling, remember to bring the adhesive labels for the bottles that will be sent to the laboratory. You should have received these via U.S. mail.

Check the appropriate FACTS Session before you go to make a note of what samples field tests and lab samples need to be done at each sampling point.

After you collect samples, preferably on the same day, return to the FACTS Session page and

  1. Click Mark Sample Collected.
    • This will register the date to associate with your field and laboratory data.
  2. Click Sample Sent to Lab on the day you send it to the lab.
    • This provides a record in case there are problems in transit to the lab.
  3. If you took field samples, click Submit Field Data.
    • If you did other field tests in addition to the ones Datashed expects, you can add extra data by clicking More analyses.