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This page is a guide to using the FACTS Program capabilities of Datashed, from the point of view of administrating the program. The information is probably not useful for general watershed groups or laboratories.

In addition to the resources on this page, you may want to check out:


Setting up a new FACTS plan

  1. Login to Datashed and click on Account in the top menu.
  2. Next to Maintain FACTS Programs either click + to create a brand new program program, or select an existing program and click the pencil icon to edit it.
  3. Select the treatment system name and a start date for the program. Type a description and the number of sampling sessions that will be included in this program.
  4. Click Add if this is a new program, or Modify if you made changes to an existing program.
    • A list of FACTS Plans appears below the general program details.

Creating a New FACTS Plan

  1. Click + to add a sampling plans to the program.
    • Most programs will only have one plan. Multiple, concurrent plans may be useful if certain sampling points or chemical analyses are monitored at different times than others: a common example of this is monthly field sampling and quarterly lab sampling.
  2. Fill in the fields that appear. (Here are descriptions of Edit Plan fields.) Then click Add (or Modify).
  3. Map field analyses and lab bottles to sample points (Click the following link for Detailed instructions about mapping sample points.)
  4. Click Save.
  5. Upon creating and saving a new plan, you must click the Generate Sessions & Bottle Keys icon (see screenshot at right). This does the following:
    Select a Plan and click an icon to access FACTS Plans functions.
    • Assigns random Sample IDs and Bottle Numbers to the prescribed laboratory samples for each session in the plan.
    • Generates a CSV list of the aforementioned bottles;
    • Displays the plan on the project's Submit Data page;
    • Deletes any existing sessions for the currently-selected plan. You only have to worry about this if you've previously Generated Sessions & Bottle Keys for this same plan -- they will be overwritten.

Printing Bottle Labels for FACTS Sessions

Example of a bottle label.

Before the start of any sessions, the FACTS Program administrator should send customized, adhesive labels to the person who will be doing the water sampling. Each bottle prescribed to be sent to the laboratory under the FACTS Program will have one label, which contains the Bottle Number, Sample ID, sample point name, treatment system name, sample preparation, analysis list, and session start- and end-date that are specific to that bottle.

These labels are created not by Datashed, but internally by WPCAMR using a software program called P-touch Editor. However, the program loads a CSV created by Datashed that contains the various bottle information. Download this file by clicking on the Download Bottle Data icon next to a program's list of plans (see screenshot at right).

A separate page contains detailed instructions about using P-touch Editor to create the labels.